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Charlies Chalk Dust 50ml - ukvapezen

Charlies Chalk Dust 50ml

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Head Bangin Boogie

Frozen tropical blueberries.

Jam Rock

Juicy, sour apples.

Slam Berry

Strawberries and milk.

Dream Cream

Creamy vanilla with a touch of fudge and hint of vanilla.

King Bellman

Brown sugar, tobacco and vanilla.

Black Ice

Blackberry, cucumber and menthol.

Big Belly Jelly

Blueberry and watermelon jellybeans.

Mustache Milk

Apple, cinnamon and milk.

Wonder Worm

Gummy worms made from sweet and tangy fruits.

Ms Meringue

succulent strawberries smothered by a sweet and billowing buttery meringue.

Mr Meringue

A pool of buttery and bright lemon curd, topped with toasted meringue.

Aunt Meringue

Sliced apples under a layer of creamy meringue.


Sea salt, savoury caramel and ice cream.


An old camping classic. Sugary marshmallow blended with smooth milk chocolate placed on top of a spiced cinnamon graham cracker.

Key Lime Pie

A classic dessert consisting of zesty key limes wrapped in sweet pastry and topped with smooth cream.

Sweet Apple Ice

Juicy red apples with a pleasant touch of ice.

Strawberry kiwi Ice

Ripe strawberries combined with tangy kiwi fruit and finished with an icy menthol for extra freshness.

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