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Doozy 10ml Mix Salts

Doozy 10ml Mix Salts

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A delicious variety of mixed-up flavours from the great minds at Doozy!

50% VG / 50% PG

Flavour List:

Bubblegum - Travel back to childhood with the unmistakable flavour of classic pink bubblegum.

Cream Tobacco - Enjoy the refined blend of smooth, creamy tobacco sweetened with a subtle sugar edge.

Gummy Bear - Relish the nostalgic delight of candy apple infused with a medley of fruity goodness.

Mixed Berries - Indulge in a vibrant blend of tangy berries and sweet grapes, with a sour twist.

Pink Lemonade - Awaken your senses with a burst of fizzy lemon, sweet undertones and a tangy grapefruit finish.

Sour Blue Raspberry Apple - Experience the thrill of tart apple meeting sweet and juicy red and blue raspberries.

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