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Instaflow 4500 Disposable

Instaflow 4500 Disposable

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The Instaflow 4500 is a rechargeable disposable vape kit with a unique refilling system. It features a 550mAh battery, a 2ml pod, and a 10ml bottle of 20mg nic salt e-liquid, designed for inhale-activated MTL vaping. The device stands out for its easy refilling and up to 4500 puffs, along with a child lock for safety.

Setup Instructions:

Completely detach the e-liquid bottle from the device.

Pull out the rubber airflow plug by tugging on the black tab.

Remove the safety sticker to expose the airflow hole.

Unscrew the e-liquid bottle cap without removing the rubber tip.

Align and insert the bottle's tip into the device's groove.

Invert the device for a few seconds to fill the pod.

Turn it upright and wait a minute to prime the coil.

Once these steps are completed, the Instaflow 4500 is ready for a simple, button-free vaping experience.

The kit includes the rechargeable device, a 10ml e-liquid bottle, and an instruction manual.

Flavour List:

Banana Ice - A smooth blend of ripe banana essence with a cooling aftertaste for a refreshing tropical vibe.

Blackcurrant Apple - Dark blackcurrants and crisp apples combine for a balanced, fruity inhale with a tart finish.

Blueberry Fusion - A crafted mix of blueberries offering a deep, flavourful profile with a sweet undertone.

Cherry Ice - Sweet cherries meet a chilly finish, creating a cool and invigorating fruity vape.

Fresh Mint Mojito - A zesty mint mojito flavour, bringing together fresh mint and a hint of citrus.

Lemon Lime - A vibrant blend of zesty lemon and tangy lime, delivering a refreshingly sharp and citrusy flavour profile.

Mix Berry Fusion - An amalgamation of berries, this fusion creates a complex berry flavour with a sweet bouquet.

Mixed Fruits - A variety of fruit flavours merge to offer a rich, multi-layered fruity vaping experience.

Pineapple Ice - Tropical pineapple with an icy exhale, offering a sweet, frosty and exotic sensation.

Polar Mint - Intense and cooling, Polar Mint delivers a strong, invigorating mint taste.

Raspberry Lemonade - Ripe raspberries mixed with tangy lemonade, this flavour is tart yet sweet, like a summer drink.

Sour Blue Raspberry - A tangy blue raspberry profile with a sour twist for a sharp, flavourful vape.

Strawberry Ice - Fresh strawberry flavour with a cool note, reminiscent of a frozen summer treat.

Watermelon Ice - Juicy watermelon with a crisp menthol finish, ideal for a refreshing and hydrating sensation.

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