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Rebellion 50ml Shortfill - ukvapezen

Rebellion 50ml Shortfill

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Reb Flavour

Blue Smint Sabotage

A combination of blueberry and spearmint. This flavour will sabotage your taste buds with its fresh, fruity mix.

Frozen Citrus Fracas

This flavour mixes lemon, grapefruit and fresh menthol notes.

Exotic Turmoil

This exotic flavour will have you dreaming of a tropical island with its fruity taste, which is followed by a smooth ice cream finish.

Lemon Pirate

A revamped lemon pie! Bursting with lemon curd and pastry notes throughout.

Pear Provacation

A rebellious take on the sweet shop classic - pear drops. A sweet and smooth pear flavour.

Mutinous Mango

A smooth, rich mango flavour with cool menthol notes for an added zing.


A wild mix of flavours driven by a bold blue raspberry and tangy white grape

Strawtermelon Mayhem

Causes mayhem in your mouth! Mixing a more prominent melon with rich strawberry notes

Twisted Riot

An interesting twist on the classic ice lolly - a combination of strawberry, lime and cream.

Strawbarb Insurgency

A contrast of sweet strawberry rebelling against sharp rhubarb.

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